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For decades, Avon has been a company globally committed to women and empowerment of their role in society. Avon Montenegro decided to realize the first national campaign dedicated to fight against breast cancer. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the importance of preventive examinations, early cancer detection, and the role of men and their support to women in the process.


The project Pokaži da ti je stalo (Show you care) was realized in partnership with NGO Dona Montenegrina, and with institutional support of the Montenegrin Ministry of Health. Activities were divided in two phases. The focus of the first phase was to raise awareness of the importance of preventive breast examinations and the success of cancer treatment in the early stages. The central activity of the first phase was the donation of an ultrasound machine for breast examination to the Clinical Center of Montenegro. The main endorser of this phase was a well-known Montenegrin public figure who beat cancer and spoke openly about her experience. Within the educational part of the campaign, advertorials and PR texts on breast cancer, screening, mammography and other available forms of prevention were published in continuity. Social media influencers, five of them, provided support to the campaign and shared information through their network profiles.

The second phase of the campaign was aimed at raising the awareness of the male population about the importance of their support to women, both in terms of the encouragement to take care of their own health and in the event of specific illness. The central event of this phase of the campaign was organized on the main city square, when a men’s race in heels was held, under the symbolic name In Her Shoes. This is the first race of men in heels in Montenegro. Numerous public figures, including the Minister of Health, provided support to the campaign by attending the central event. The endorsers of this phase of the campaign were the players of the Montenegrin national rugby team, who recorded a video for the race and ran on heels.

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