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Summit 100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe


Summit 100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe conference is a unique regional business initiative that aims to strengthen the regional economic cooperation and support discussion among entrepreneurs. The seventh conference put emphasis on digitalization, and the ways to use Industry 4.0 as an incentive for development and global competitiveness of the region.


Considering the large number of participants, it was necessary to focus on both days of the Conference. We wanted not just to highlight the participation of the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, but to also give prominence to other speakers.


Given the significant participants and the scale of the event, we created an opportunity to introduce the event through national media, therefore raising the awareness of the public. Additionally, through partnerships with relevant media in Serbia and the region, we secured constant buzz around the event. This approach enabled a continuity of announcements even before the conference had started.

The Agency provided the journalists with a press center which was fitted with the complete technical equipment needed for quality reporting. During the intensive communication between the business leader, all information was posted on the website. Additionally, we set up a statement booth, where the media could conduct interviews. The panel news, as well as the photographs of the participants and the guests, were posted real-time on the official website. Good organization resulted in a large number of statements and the establishment of Serbian Manager Association as an organizer of one of the most important regional events.


  • Number of panels at the event


  • Number of speakers


  • 70 media representatives

    Were covering the event daily. With more than 30 statements and interviews.

Once again, Belgrade is the host of 100 Conference, opening the room to consider the posibilities to connect and use the new Industrial revolution as the way to make the region more developed and able to compete globaly.

Stanka Pejanović, president of Serbian Manager Association and 100 Conference